Palawan gives off an aura of mystery with hidden secrets as well. Even though you may have read a lot of articles and even blogs about Palawan, you may find yourself having a difficulty planning your itinerary as there are literally thousands of places to see in Palawan.

Palawan has three major tourist destinations. These are located in different cities, away from each other. These three cities are: Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron. These are all located in the main island of Palawan.

Those three tourist destinations offer different experiences to see in Palawan. If you have more money and time to spare, you can try all of these destinations. However, majority of the travelers can only go to one of these destinations. If you belong to this group, you might as well know what destinations will suit you best. For Palawan tourism, no two places are alike in terms of touching the senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and feeling.

So where do you exactly go to Palawan? Read on and choose where you are going to plan your itinerary. You may want to start reading about its capital: Puerto Princesa.

Puerto Princesa is the home of the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River. This underground river made it to the New Seven Wonders of the World, pending certification. The underground river runs through an eight kilometer stretch of clear water hidden beneath the cave. The cave is home to many different species including different bats. Moreover, limestone formations from stalactites and stalagmites abound inside the cave. Puerto Princesa is your destination if you and your companions in travelling are all about adventure.

The second major tourist destination in Palawan is El Nido. El Nido boasts of its serene waters and tranquil beauty. El Nido is known to be a honeymoon destination for the newlyweds and other couples alike. Who would not want to experience a romantic dinner with the sun setting on the beach as a backdrop? If you go to Palawan for a romantic travel, El Nido is the best place to visit and see.

The last major tourist area in Palawan is Coron. Unlike the first two mentioned areas, Coron is relatively new. This destination has just been opened as a full-fledged tourist in the past five to seven years. Coron boasts of both the adventure of Puerto Princesa and the tranquility of El Nido. This destination has been only known to divers before. Now, Coron is mostly chosen by families and friend groups who want to relax. Coron is a sleepy town, therefore, night life is non-existent here aside from a little karaoke and little bars in some areas. Coron is your place to go if you want to soul search or meditate.

It is best to consult with those whom you are travelling with when choosing for the place to go to in Palawan. Travel hours between these areas range from six to eight hours which could eat a lot of time and consume extra money.