Where to find Great Coffee in Siem Reap? Here’s your guide

If you crave for a well-blended latte, then this post is for you. Siem Reap is a melting pot of cultures from its past colonial history, modern entrepreneur expats, and well-traveled locals who return with new ideas and skills.

For the most part, the coffee scene reflects this, there are local styles of coffee, classic Italian espresso based drinks, and even Taiwan style tea shops are beginning to emerge. But today, let’s talk about lattes and the hunt for a well-blended espresso drink with perfectly steamed milk…

1 Bio Lab – Perfectly blended and perfectly steamed milk, consistently, from different staff members.  At $1.60 it’s great value and this is the go to place when you want to be sure you’ll get a great latte.

2 – The Missing Socks Laundry – cosy atmosphere, and perfectly steamed and blended.

3 – Gloria Jeans on Wot Bo Road – very nice and love the art work, lattes are consistent across staff members. Comfortable place.

4. Noi Coffee – pokey little corner stall selling coffee near the old market. Nicely steamed, not perfectly blended but their choice of beans and atmosphere makes up for that.

5 – Sister Srey – the place has an almost cult following. The lattes are good.

6. Brown Coffee – consistently good, not amazing, I think they could choose better beans, but very good. The place is always busy.

7. Essodrip – very nice latte, quite and comfortable shop.

8. Noir Coffee – $1.60 is great value, taste is good, could be blended a little better and latte art would be nice

9. Art Coffee – as above, $1.60 is great value, taste is good, could be blended a little better and latte art would be nice

Local Coffees

Bag Coffee – a latte it ain’t, but if you love iced coffee then this is awesome value and tastes superb.

Vietnamese Coffee – drip coffee, super strong, with condensed milk at the bottom of the cup which you can stir through or save for a super sweet ending.



The Hideout – the staff are great, but unfortunately, the owner just hasn’t invested in their training which is sad considering it’s a nice place.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – if you like cappuccinos you may be OK here, otherwise, skip it. Which is a shame as it has a central location and comfy seating.

Temple Cafe and Bakery – I have had a good latte there once, but only once. A big shame as this is a leading local Food and Beverage group with several stores, they should be leading the way and investing into their staff.


Side note: there are still so many places I have yet to try! So I will update this page in due course 🙂



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