• Ban Nalan Trek: Embark on a two day/one night trek along the Nam Ha River, up mountains with spectacular views of Luang Namtha, and through pristine forests to Ban Nalan for an overnight stay in the village lodge.
    Nam Ha Forest Camp (Nammat Trek): Trek in the Nam Ha NPA with Akha and Khamu guides, and spend the night in a bamboo and wood camp built by the villagers.
  • Piang Ngam Trek: Head off on an easy day-trek that stops at interesting ethnic villages, and observe their way of life and varied traditional practices. Overnight stays in Piang Ngam are available.
  • Phou Sam Yot: Spend three nights on Sam Yot Mountain (Three Peak Mountain) and stay with three different ethnic groups on this journey into the culture of Luang Namtha.
  • Akha Trail: Trek along the Nam O River and up an old Akha trail to the mountain top Akha Phouli village of Ban Nam Lo for an overnight stay, before heading through a bamboo forest to a limestone cave on this two day adventure. A three day option is also available.
    Khmu & Lahu Trek (Nam Pa Man): Wander the trails around Vieng Phoukha with a local guide and learn about the plants and wildlife in the forest on this 2-day trek with an overnight stay in a Lahu lodge.
  • Phou Mot & Ancient Ruins: Head out on a full-day forest walk to the Khou Vieng archaeological site in Vieng Phoukha.
  • Trekking in Muang Sing: Embark on a choice of one, two and three day treks around Muang Sing with a local English speaking guide leading the way, and stay overnight in ethnic villages.
  • The Akha Experience: Immerse yourself in The Akha Experience on this three day trek to eight Akha villages, and spend a couple of nights, learn Akha customs and participate in village activities.
    Ban Nam Yang Trek in the NPA: This one day tour into the Nam Ha National Protected Area winds through forest and upland fields. This tour has broad open vistas of the area. Along the way you will see villagers collecting forest products, tending livestock or working their upland fields. Before returning to the valley, the tour visits an Akha village at the highest point of the trek.
    New Trekking in Nam Ha NPA: On this trek we stay for three days entirely within the forests of the Nam Ha National Protected Area, an ASEAN Heritage Site. It is a trip for those who want a true ‘forest experience’ and to immerse in the beauty of the jungle. The first night you will camp in the heart of the jungle.
  • Nam Ha Valley Trek: (2 day trek, all seasons) This trip takes us through three Lanten Villages and two Khmu villages. Ban Nahom (former Nalan tai), a Khmu village, and Ban Nam Goy, a Lanten village, can only be accessed by foot or by boat. This trail climbs a ridge near the Nam Ha River and goes through forested areas bordering the Nam Ha National Protected Area.
  • Trek on Old Falangs Trail: To explore real nature, trek through overgrown forest (the center of Nam Ha National Protected Area) on the old Falangs trail (50 year ago road Muang Sing to Luang Namtha), hike to higher mountain (1,900 meters above sea level) to see marvelous views from the mountain, that are as wide as far as the eyes can see. (some on the top of wide cogon grass you can see unlimited view, that make our entranced and that area was place of the old French army, to see beautiful sunset and sunrise).
  • Ban Pha Kha-Nam Daet Mai Trek: Easy trek through agricultural fields visit different ethnic groups in Muang Sing valley such as: Akha, Yao, Tai Lue and learn about their culture and tradition.

Source: Laos Tourism