Location: Phongsaly Province.

Area: 2,220 sq. km

Ecotourism Activities Available: none yet

Key Species: Elephants, gibbons and a high density of lesser fish eagles.

Habitat: Predominantly dry evergreen and semi-evergreen. Mosaic of swidden land and forest at various stages of regeneration. Large tracts of contiguous old-growth forest survive towards the Vietnamese border and along the Nam Ou, upstream from the Nam Khang confluence.

Access: Access is difficult, but can be accomplished by boat along the Nam Ou and Nam Khang or by foot. From Phongsali, the NPA can be reached by a short drive to Ban Hatxa and a then a half-day boat journey or 2-day walk.


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From Wikipedia

Phou Den Din National Protected Area or National Biodiversity Conservation Area (NBCA) is a protected area in northern Laos, covering 2,200 km2 in Phongsaly Province. The name is also spelt Phou Dene Dinh and Phou Daen Din. The conservation area borders Vietnam, and its terrain is hilly, rising to over 2,000 meters. Among the animals found in the area are elephants, gibbons, macaques, gaurs, bantengs, Asiatic black bears, sun bears, leopards, and tigers. It also has a high density of lesser fish eagles and crested kingfishers.The area is not easily accessible, but can be reached by boat or on foot. It was designated a National Biodiversity Conservation Area in 1993.

Source: Wikipedia and Laos Tourism