Palangkaraya or Honoured and Sacred Great Place, is the capital city of Central Kalimantan. Growing from Pahandut, a small stilt village on the banks of the Kahayan River, the first President of Indonesia, Sukarno, had decided that it would become the next site of Indonesia’s capital. The new city was completely designed from scratch and built in grand proportions in the 1960’s.

Palangkaraya has it own eco tourism pioneers in Kalimantan Tour Destinations, who have introduced a comfortably remodeled traditional ‘rangkan’ river boat. Cruises encompass the natural beauty and magnificent fauna, particularly the orangutan, of Borneo. It is the starting point to explore the vast nature of Central Kalimantan that known as the lung of the world for its vast and fertile tropical jungles and forests.

From Palangkaraya you can explore many great places like Balanga Museum that containts many artifacts of Dayak people, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s Education Centre at Nyaru Menteng, Taman Alam, near Bukit Tangkiling, that offers you a wildlife park with it’s main attractions is Crocodile. You can also hike up to Bukit Tangkiling and Bukit Batu 35 km out of Palangkaraya that will give you a wonderful vista of vast flat flood plains and peat swamp forests, and the rare rocky outcrops or magmatic extrusions in the mostly flat peat swamps.

Get Around

Airport taxis are available on arrival to transport travelers to the hotels in Palangkaraya. There are numerous transport companies that are usually willing to rent out the car plus driver for differing periods.

These transport companies also operate services to most towns and cities in Central Kalimantan.
The larger hotels can assist guests obtain transport.

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Flights depart daily for Jakarta and Surabaya. Current airlines operating services into Palangkaraya are Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air and Lion Air.


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Our Hotel Pick Near the Palangkaraya

Wisma Liontine

Wisma Liontine is located in Palangkaraya. The guesthouse also provides free WiFi and free private parking.


From Wikipedia

Palangka Raya is the capital of the province of Central Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. The city is situated between the Kahayan and the Sabangau rivers. The closest airport serving the city is Tjilik Riwut.

The city had a population of 220,962 inhabitants at the 2010 census (compared with 158,770 at the previous census in 2000), with an average population density of 92.1 per km² (Indonesian Population Census 2010 results). The latest official estimate (as at January 2014) is 236,601.

The city was established in 1957 (Emergency Law 10/1957 on the establishment of the Autonomous Region Central Kalimantan Level I) on wilderness that opened through the Pahandut village alongside Kahayan river banks. Palangka Raya is the largest city by land area in Indonesia.Most of the area is still forested, including protected forests, nature conservation areas, and Tangkiling Forest.

The city was the favorite city to become the new Indonesian capital until the 2019 announcement that the new capital will be in North Penajam Paser Regency and Kutai Kartanegara Regency, both in East Kalimantan.

Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan) province was established on 23 May 1957. The first Indonesian president, Sukarno, initiated construction of the city of Palangka Raya, the capital of the new province. Initially, it was planned as the new capital of Indonesia to replace Jakarta. In 1957, when President Sukarno inaugurated a monument in the place that was then still called Pahandut, he expressed his desire to make the city the new republic’s future capital. It was never carried through, although it has been mooted various other times – most recently in 2019 by Joko Widodo wanting to move the capital out of Java, with Palangka Raya again rumoured to be a favourite.

The first pillar of Palangka Raya City development was done by the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the time, Sukarno on 17 July 1957 marked the inauguration of the monument to the provincial capital of Central Kalimantan in Pahandut. Then, based on Law No. 21 of 1958, Pahandut was renamed to Palangka Raya City, maintaining its status as the provincial seat.

Palangka Raya consists of a combination of two words which are from the Dayak Ngaju Language and Sanskrit. Palangka (Ngaju) means a sacred site and raya (Sanskrit) means vast, thus Palangka Raya means a vast sacred site.

Administrative districts
Prior to decentralization in 2001, Palangka Raya had two administrative districts, namely Pahandut and Bukit Batu. Now, Palangka Raya consists of five administrative districts: Pahandut, Jekan Raya, Bukit Batu, Sebangau, and Rakumpit.

The city is served by Tjilik Riwut Airport. An aviation academy has been set up by Lion Air.

Palangka Raya is a home to number of universities University of Palangka Raya, Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Palangka Raya, Sekolah Tinggi Agama Hindu Tampung Penyang (STAHN-TP) Palangka Raya, LP3I, and Sekolah Tinggi Agama Kristen (STAKN) Palangka Raya. Some major private universities in Palangka Raya are: Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangka Raya, STMIK Palangka Raya, Universitas Kristen Palangka Raya, STIH Palangka Raya, Universitas PGRI Palangka Raya, STIE Palangka Raya, STIP Bunga Bangsa Palangka Raya, Poltekkes Palangka Raya, STIPAS Palangka Raya, and STIKES Eka Harap Palangka Raya.

Source: Wikipedia and Wonderful Indonesia

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