Nam Eng Cave, or Tham Kao Rao, is among the longest mapped underground labyrinths in northern Laos. Though no one has reached its finish, spelunkers once spent eight hours wandering some 1,000 meters, only to return claiming, “There is no end in sight.” The subterranean system includes “wet” and “dry” caves, both of which are fairly well lit. Limestone columns serve as geological gateways to chambers unveiling gours (dry floor pools), stalactites, stalagmites, and stone-rimmed wet pools with cave pearls. The network is generally narrow but easily passable, and acts as a natural air-conditioning system offering a cool respite from the heat outside. The 30-hectare Nam Eng Cave area is currently being developed to include a small roadside market, and better lighting and interpreted walkways inside the caves. The project has also prepared preliminary architectural drawings for a restaurant and nature resort.

Location: Ban Nam Eng is located on Lao Route 3 about 13 kilometers north of Vieng Phoukha Town, and 46 kilometers south of Luang Namtha Town.

Source: Laos Tourism