Guide: Renting an Apartment in Siem Reap

If you’re going to be staying in Siem Reap for more than a few weeks then you will probably want to negotiate something cheaper than hotel or hostel rack rates. Here’s an intro to how it all plays out here in Siem Reap.

Fortunately, there are loads of places that offer short term and long term rentals, ranging from studio rooms in resort style hostels through to self-contained multi-room apartments, and even luxury villas.

For short-term rentals on a month by month basis, there is a lot of supply in the off-season months of May, June, July, and September. Prices head upwards in the peak months as hostels and resorts would rather fill up with full rate nightly visitors.

For apartment rental, most will require the signing of a contract and require you to stay at least three months and in most cases 6 or 12 months.

No matter 1, 3, 6, or 12 months you will need to pay:

  • An amount equal to one month to be held as bond.
  • One month’s rent in advance
  • Electricity and Water each month

If you have a fridge, TV, and use the air conditioner each day, you can expect to pay between $50-65 each month for electricity and about $4 for water. But different landlords will charge different amounts. As a general indicator electricity is charged at 25c for 1KW and water at 75c for one cubic meter.

Most will include free wi-fi and free cable TV with 80 or so channels that includes the English channels  BBC News, CNBC, CNN, History Channel, Discovery, Nat Geo, Fox Movies and a few others.

Some will include free garbage collection and free room cleaning once per week while at some places, you may pay a small fee.

Rental prices for anything within 3km of Pub Street will start at 150 per month for a basic hotel style room with A/C and bathroom but no kitchen. Your mid-range apartment that’s comfortable and has its own kitchen and maybe even washing machine will begin at 280 per month and two-bedroom apartments will begin at over 300.

Luxury properties start from 500 per month and for a multi-floor luxury villa with pool maybe over 1000 per month.

If you need something really cheap, there are 70-100  per month rooms but they are far from town and would require owning a motorbike if you like to keep in touch with civilization.

About rental contracts and landlords, this is the wild wild west, there are no laws, and no one to enforce them unless you are the highest bidder. So keep good relations with your landlord for a chance of getting your bond money returned. Another note about bond money, I would recommend not giving it to an agent and rather try to hand it to the owner. Many agents are here one week and gone the next.

Where to find rental apartments?

Of course you can use real estate agents but of course, they will be taking a fee and in most cases, you can deal just directly with the owner particularly if it’s a hostel/resort that is doing long-term rentals. For villas, you may need an agent where there may be language barriers.

Many properties will display ‘For rent’ signs. So, once you are here, hire a bike and ride around and dial away.

The next option is Facebook, there are a few groups where properties are advertised regularly both by owners and agents, they are:

Which area is the best?

I don’t think any area is better than another, it really depends on your lifestyle and what you fancy. If you don’t have plans on renting or owning a motorbike or bike then you should definitely choose a place that is central to the Pub Street or Night Market/Sok San Road area or at least close to a supermarket. Also choose a place with paved roads, trudging through mud in flip-flops is no fun 🙂


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