• Excellence Biking Tour Visit Minority Groups: Experience the life of minorities groups in Muang Sing valley such as: Lolo, Tai Dam, Tai Neua, Hmong, Akha, Yao, Tai Lue… Participate in the production of weaving, Lao Rice whiskey and Noodle soup. Good views temples and That Xieng Tung Stupa.
  • Cycling Tour Through Luang Namtha Town Valley: Meet at the office and select your bicycle, before visiting the Luang Namtha Museum. Then, continue cycling to Ban Thong Chai Neua, a Tai Dam village, and watch the local women weave and observe the traditional architecture.
  • Biking From Luang Namtha-Vieng Phoukha: Visit villages of different ethnic groups located on road No. 3 such as the Khmu, Tai Dam and Tai Lue; see the Kao Rao Cave, and Nam Ha NPA (Nam Ha National Protected Area) and stay overnight in a Khmu family.
  • Biking from Luang Namtha-Muang Sing: Visit ethnic groups are settled along the road, a waterfall, bike through Nam Ha NPA, stay overnight at an Akha lodge, have breakfast in Muang Sing’s morning market, visit the Muang Sing Museum (open Monday-Friday only) and Xieng Tung Stupa.
    Biking From Luang Namtha-Vieng Phoukha-Nalae Town: Visit ethnic groups on the main road No. 3 from Luang Namtha to Vieng Phoukha (Khmu, Tai Dam, Tai Lue village), visit the Kao Rao Cave, cycle through the Nam Ha NPA; stay in Khmu family house and Tai Lue family house; visit small villages at the bank of the Namtha River while cycling on the dirt road from Nale town to Luang Namtha.
  • Luang Namtha Valley Tour: This 30km tour around the Luang Namtha Valley includes visits to villages of Tai Dam, Tai Leu and Lanten ethnic minorities. You will see silk production and silk weaving with natural dyes, a Lao alcohol distillery, mountain vistas, and expanses of rice paddy as well as visit a small waterfall. In the cold season learn about Lanten paper making. Coming back to town, stop at the provincial wet market before riding on to That Phoum Pouk Stupa.
  • Muang Nalè Cycling Tour: This is an overnight trip to Muang Nalè along the Nam Tha River. The tour follows the at times rugged Nam Tha River road through Tai Dam, Lanten, Khmu Rok and Tai Leu ethnic villages. You will be able to see silk weaving in the Tai Dam villages and paper making during the cold season in the Lanten villages.


Source: Laos Tourism