Situated some 45 km east of Banjarmasin, capital of South Kalimantan Province, Martapura is a sparkling little city literally filled with diamonds and all the precious rocks delved from inside Borneo’s earth. Administratively, Martapura is the capital of the Banjar Regency. The city is well-known as the center of theContinue Reading

Banjarmasin is the best place to absorb Kalimantan’s urban culture, both on land as on the waters. Located on a delta near the junction of the Barito and Martapura rivers, Banjarmasin, together with its neighboring city, Banjarbaru, form the center of the ninth largest metropolitan city in Indonesia. From ancientContinue Reading

Located just away from the mainland of East Kalimantan in the district of Berau, the Derawan archipelago comprises 31 islands, most well known among these are the islands of Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki and Kakaban. Here is Indonesia’s largest nesting site of the rare and endangered giant green turtles and hawksbillContinue Reading

Palangkaraya or Honoured and Sacred Great Place, is the capital city of Central Kalimantan. Growing from Pahandut, a small stilt village on the banks of the Kahayan River, the first President of Indonesia, Sukarno, had decided that it would become the next site of Indonesia’s capital. The new city wasContinue Reading

Situated just across the border from Sabah, Malaysia, the town and island of Tarakan is a part of young province, North Kalimantan. It was once a major oil producing region during the Dutch colonial period and had great strategic importance during the Pacific War and was among the first JapaneseContinue Reading

Singkawang is the capital of West Kalimantan and the second largest city in the province that bordering the State of Sarawak, Malaysia. Unlike other towns in Indonesia, Singkawang has a distinct oriental atmosphere with hundreds of Chinese temples found around almost every corner of town. This is because over 70Continue Reading

Balikpapan is located on the south eastern coast of East Kalimantan facing the deep Makassar Straits. Like its counterpart city of Pekanbaru in Riau on Sumatra, is known for its oil mining. Oil and other mining industries are the reasons why nearly all domestic airlines fly to Balikpapan rather thanContinue Reading