Ban Nalan Trek: Embark on a two day/one night trek along the Nam Ha River, up mountains with spectacular views of Luang Namtha, and through pristine forests to Ban Nalan for an overnight stay in the village lodge. Nam Ha Forest Camp (Nammat Trek): Trek in the Nam Ha NPAContinue Reading

Nam Ha Experience: The Nam Ha National Protected Area takes its name from this river. The Nam Ha Experience can be one of rapids and white water in the rainy season but for most of the year the verdant forested banks, colorful water birds and the occasional troop of monkeys areContinue Reading

Excellence Biking Tour Visit Minority Groups: Experience the life of minorities groups in Muang Sing valley such as: Lolo, Tai Dam, Tai Neua, Hmong, Akha, Yao, Tai Lue… Participate in the production of weaving, Lao Rice whiskey and Noodle soup. Good views temples and That Xieng Tung Stupa. Cycling TourContinue Reading

Nam Eng Cave, or Tham Kao Rao, is among the longest mapped underground labyrinths in northern Laos. Though no one has reached its finish, spelunkers once spent eight hours wandering some 1,000 meters, only to return claiming, “There is no end in sight.” The subterranean system includes “wet” and “dry”Continue Reading

Vieng Phoukha District is surrounded by karst Limestone Mountains that have many interesting and beautiful caves. Formed by centuries of weathering that has gradually carved huge caverns out of the porous limestone, Vieng Phoukha’s caves have some of the most beautiful underground formations in northern Laos. During prehistoric times manyContinue Reading

Covers 22,000 hectars of mostly densely forested, very steep terrain, at between 600 meters and 1,850 meters elevation. Picturesque villages, mostly growing lowland irrigated paddy flank part of the northern and eastern boundaries of the area. Ecotourism lodges are being set up in five of these villages. The attractive littleContinue Reading

Located: in the northern part of Laos (Northern Provinces) Total area: 16,270 square kilometers Population: 178,000 07 Districts: Phongsaly, May, Khua, Samphanh, Boun Neua, Boun Tai & Gnot-Ou Capital of the province: Phongsaly Farthest north in Laos is Phongsaly, which shares borders with Yunnan (China) and Dien Bien (Vietnam). MostContinue Reading

Sunway Pyramid’s iconic exterior of a lion head, pyramid and hieroglyphics welcomes shoppers to a world of fabulous shopping within. As one of the nation’s most popular malls, it offers four very exciting shopping precincts – Fashion Central, Oasis Boulevard, Asian Avenue and Marrakesh. You will be spoilt for choiceContinue Reading

First established in Mexico City in 1999, this award-winning theme park has since been established in eight cities worldwide including Monterrey, Tokyo, Dubai and Seoul. Malaysia is its latest home, a place where place where children can lead independent lives and understand the world of grown-ups better, by being grown-upsContinue Reading

The Malay Heritage Museum features the uniqueness of Malay heritage with its fantastic collection of textiles, apparel, weapons and household equipment. Some interesting things to discover: the Malays had used the footnoting system in their manuscripts more than 300 years ago; a mind-mapping concept similar to Tony Buzan’s was alreadyContinue Reading

i-City located in Shah Alam, Selangor is known as the city of digital lights. It is recognised at the first lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia with state-of- the-art LED technology showcase. The digital city includes trendy shopping streets and equipped with a theme park to cater to visitors’ looking forContinue Reading